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Secrets of “George’s Secret Key to the Universe” – 5 Books Series

AuthorPosted by: Daniel on April 9, 2016 Under: 5th Grade Book Reviews

Can you explain sophisticated concepts of theoretical physics to Kids? Yes, you can do it if you have Stephen Hawking’s 5 books series George’s Secret Key in your home.

Stephen Hawking is one of the most renowned cosmologist and theoretical physicist of this modern era. He is currently working (2016) in University of Cambridge’s Centre for Theoretical Cosmology as a Director of Research. He has received dozens of awards for his achievements. It is truly amazing to have books for kids from such a big name because most researchers focus on writing complex research papers. His daughter Lucy, a novelist and journalist, also contributed in writing these books. The combination of exceptionally intelligent scientist and high-profile novelist is enough to write a masterpiece.

They published the first book of this series in 2007. Over the last 9 years, they have published 5 books to explain different concepts of theoretical physics, astronomy, and cosmology. All books explain these concepts through fictional stories where various characters go on different adventures and come across fascinating scientific phenomenon. Main characters of this book series are George, Annie, Renny, Dr. Reeper, and Eric. The charm of this book is the Cosmos, which is a super computer and explains lots of scientific facts, laws, and wonders.

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Experts consider this book series the best scientific gift to the next generation. The most popular and oldest online newspaper of Britain, The Independent, gave these books positive review and called them excellent books that can bring revolution in the minds of young readers. Your kids can learn lots of new things and will get inspiration to learn more about science and technology.

1. George’s Secret Key To The Universe

This first book of the series starts slightly slowly. First, 5 chapters don’t have much to offer but after five chapters things get excited especially when concepts of the black holes come into the action. This book introduces all characters and explains how Eric and his teacher Dr. Reeper built the super computer, Cosmos. The idea that Cosmos can transport people to the different parts of the universe is very integrating and it opens the mind of kids to think about different possibilities that can happen to George and his team in the space.

2. George’s Cosmic Treasure Hunt

The name of this book is indicating that the story line is not only adventurous but also mysterious. You as an adult may not find the story very mysterious but your kids will surely get thrilled. This is the beauty of this book that it keeps things simple for kids; therefore, it got extreme popularity in youngsters. I don’t want to spoil the book but the ending is quite unforeseen. The overwhelming response of people over this book compelled Hawking to write another book in this series.

3. George and the Big Bang

The story of this book revolves around the big bang and quantum mechanics to explain the origin of universe and relativity. These concepts seem very difficult but Hawking explained them very intelligently. Though this book targets the fifth-grade kids but adults with weak knowledge of these concepts can also read it. They will also get very reliable information without frustrating their selves. It will be better if you read it with your kid as it has a lot of things to teach both of you.

4. George and the Unbreakable Code

This book is truly a brain teaser. Like other books of this series, George goes into the space to reveal some mysteries of the universe. It contains two-dimensional and three-dimensional pictures of several planter objects to engage kids. If you have 9 or 10 years old in your house then this book should also be there because it is not only about technology and astrophysics but also teaches several lessons on friendship and ethics. The moral lessons are added in these books because it is also important to tell kids how to use technology positively and responsibly.

5. George and the Blue Moon

This fifth book of the series is released about a month ago. The initial response is very promising because the storyline is very close to reality as compared to other books of this series. It contains some of those concepts that are never discussed before in any kids’ book. You have to act quickly to get this book because soon it will out of stock.

The only criticism to this book series is that it has several unproven scientific phenomenon to make the story more engaging and entertaining. It can mislead kids but some people consider fictional aspects of these books as a way to trigger creativity and innovation in kids because every spectacular invention started from a fantasy. In short, these books are must read for your kids especially if you want to improve their intellectual capabilities without numbing their minds.

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