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How to encourage your kid to read books?

AuthorPosted by: Daniel on April 1, 2016 Under: Reading tips for parents

Kids, nowadays, have many sources to gain knowledge and entertainment, such as books, television, computers, etc. Many kids like to enjoy video games and surf the net, but books should not be neglected. Reading can actually be relaxing, unlike computer games, which excite a kid and then bring fatigue, eye problems, etc. So, kids should be encouraged to read books to relax and learn different aspects of the world.

Most children love to go through colorful books from a very young age. If parents give them information in an entertaining way, they will be encouraged to read more books, novels, etc. However, what if your child loses this spark of curiosity when he or she gets older? Don’t worry; we have tips to encourage your kid to read books again:

Read to your kids

  • For starters, read to your kids through the night as they fall asleep. This is the basic rule, if your kids refuse to read. It will give them sweet dreams, and you will make a positive impact on their life.

    Contingent upon how old your youngsters are and how “uncool” they think it is for Mum or Dad to read to them, reading a daily chapter style book is an extraordinary approach to demonstrate reading is fun and can be charming. Adhere to a chapter a night, and they will soon request more as the story advances. You can also show pictures to them, so the kid can relate to the story and the characters.

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Show them comic books.

  • Most of the superheroes, like Batman, Superman, or Spiderman, efficiently intrigue kids; therefore, children want to read more. Comic books have little text on their pages, so kids won’t be terrified before they start reading on their own.

Engage kids in science books

  • You and the kids can have fun with books like National Geographic, which can be helpful in enriching their knowledge about nature, technology, history, and geography. The kids will appreciate these sorts of books as they grow older, only if you have inculcated this behavior at a very young age. So, get more books that would seem “cool” to your kid, but secretly educational.

science board

Surround them by books

  • To have links and steady contact with books, you could also leave them in a bathroom and in different rooms, so the kid can read anywhere he or she wishes, and the kid should be advised to do so, when he or she looks at the books.

    Most families have bookshelves at home where their youngsters’ new books are undesirable. The old saying “Out of sight, out of mind” is adept here. If your youngsters have a huge TV at home, they will rarely go for a book. Try to find a method for getting the books in plain view for them to see. Consider a bookshop and a library. They don’t have their books stacked on the racks, concealed away. Their covers are in the open and the staff give individuals a chance to see the books, which creates interest.


Get proper 5th grade books

  • Buying proper books for your 5th grader, appropriate to his or her interests and age, is important. Don’t spend money on books for your kids that will be dull and uninteresting to them. Instead, check our recommendations, in different categories, where you’ll find books exactly for your kids. By providing excellent books for your children, you can ensure they blossom into good, wise, creative, and intelligent beings.

    As grown-ups, we know which books our kids may like. Young men will like science-fiction, adventure, comic drama, and young ladies may choose fantasy, love, sentiment, fellowship, horses, and creature stories. This is generally the case; however, you ought to permit your children to have free decisions on what they read. Therefore…

Take Your Child to the Library Day (TYCTTLD)

  • We know, for some parents, books can be pricey. But you have nothing to lose. Go with your kids to a library, register them, and encourage then to go through different sides of their choice. Visits to a library can become significant events in their life, and nothing can better encourage your kids to read than choosing books on their own. Libraries ensure a kid will always have a lot of books to read and enjoy, and remember, these have to be more than one day a year.

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Do As I Do

  • If you are not a reading individual, then your children won’t be. Kids take a gigantic measure of “scholarly conduct” from their guardians and companions, so if they are seeing you perusing books, frequently, then they will need to join in, particularly, if they see you having a ton of fun whilst doing so. Have a go at perusing an entertaining book and roar with laughter, so it creates interest.

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