Why is reading important for child development?

AuthorPosted by: Daniel on April 6, 2016 Under: Reading tips for parents
Literacy by stage of development

Reading is the primary skill to be literate. Your child can start reading small words at the age of 3 to 4, depending on your teaching skills. At the age of six, your child would be able read small sentences and phrases with a fair bit of fluency.

The most crucial stage to enhance the reading skills of a child is 10 to 11. At this stage, your child would be able to read fluently and understand meanings of a wide range of words. Your child should have reached the 5th grade by this age and your slight circumspection at this point can boost his intellectual development.

Here are some reasons to focus on the reading skills of your fifth grader:
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How To Improve Kids’ Reading Ability?

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books circle

Reading abilities are among the top basic and essential learning skills. These abilities need to be cultivated in a kid at the beginning of his learning. With proper reading skills, a kid will be able to grasp the fact of his lessons correctly, and this will lead to self-esteem and make him desirous to continue with the studies.

Parents, guardians and teachers should ensure that they prepare to work on their children reading abilities from the beginning of their education and not just educate them how to read but also assist them to pronounce word well. Also, they should make an effort to recognize the reading difficulties of their child beforehand and do something about it as quick as possible so as to make sure that their kid never lacks behind as well as to be able to be as proficient as his colleagues.
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How to encourage your kid to read books?

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Kids, nowadays, have many sources to gain knowledge and entertainment, such as books, television, computers, etc. Many kids like to enjoy video games and surf the net, but books should not be neglected. Reading can actually be relaxing, unlike computer games, which excite a kid and then bring fatigue, eye problems, etc. So, kids should be encouraged to read books to relax and learn different aspects of the world.

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