10 Children’s Books Turned Racist

AuthorPosted by: Daniel on October 25, 2016 Under: Blog

We take a look into the past at popular children’s books that have now been surrounded by controversy due to their negative, derogatory and prejudice contents. Spanning from a boy and a giant peach to adventures down the river with your best friend, this is the top children’s books you didn’t know were racist.

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Can You Pass 5th Grade Math? – 90% Fail

AuthorPosted by: Daniel on October 24, 2016 Under: Blog

A recent study found that nearly half of more than 1,000 adults tested were unable to pass a math test developed for fifth-grade students.

Do you think that you could pass a test developed for fifth-grade students? Let’s find out… I’ll give you a test that consists of seven questions – to pass, you must answer six of the questions correctly.

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