Two 5th Grade Fantasy Books that Will Make You Want to Watch Movies

AuthorPosted by: Daniel on October 27, 2016 Under: 5th Grade Book Reviews

I have to qualify this title a little bit. It’s not that these books were so awesomely written that you would want to watch a movie that was made from them. I only mean that one of them was written by a famous comic book artist and the other was commissioned by Disney and is already turned into a movie.

1. Convergence

The first book is “Convergence”, which is the first book of the Zodiac Legacy, written by Stan Lee, and Stuart Moore, and was illustrated by Andie Tong.

Stan Lee is the creator of superheroes like Spider-Man, the Hulk, Iron Man and the X-Men. So this book was full of his typical creativity.
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10 Children’s Books Turned Racist

AuthorPosted by: Daniel on October 25, 2016 Under: Blog

We take a look into the past at popular children’s books that have now been surrounded by controversy due to their negative, derogatory and prejudice contents. Spanning from a boy and a giant peach to adventures down the river with your best friend, this is the top children’s books you didn’t know were racist.

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Can You Pass 5th Grade Math? – 90% Fail

AuthorPosted by: Daniel on October 24, 2016 Under: Blog

A recent study found that nearly half of more than 1,000 adults tested were unable to pass a math test developed for fifth-grade students.

Do you think that you could pass a test developed for fifth-grade students? Let’s find out… I’ll give you a test that consists of seven questions – to pass, you must answer six of the questions correctly.

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